Dark and explosively dynamic, Kill Patrick is a dual-bass hybrid of rock, funk, and metal that consists of bassist/vocalist Steve Boughan, bassist/backing vocalist Steve Bohli, guitarist/backing vocalist Brad Lester, and drummer Phil Plencner. Originally formed in 1999 with guitarist Eric Thomas and drummer Adam Silverman, replacements were difficult to find but the addition of Brad and Phil have allowed band to regroup and re-energize in 2014.
KP v2.0

Photo by Dave Sinclair


In 2001, Kill Patrick competed and won first place out of 135 bands at the “World’s Largest Battle of the Bands” at Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, VA. After dominating the four-month, four-round event, owner Jay Nedry labeled Kill Patrick as ‘hardcore, professional hell-raisers’. This achievement put Kill Patrick into a professional studio for the first time as they recorded the tracks for their second album, Lunch Meat Radio. Kill Patrick dissolved before the album was complete when Adam and Eric left the band to follow their own personal career goals. However, the new LMR tracks, Fat Back and Human Nature, were some the strongest material the band had written and the dream to reunite would live for years to come.

Kill Patrick was originally formed in 1999 in the Baltimore suburb of Westminster, MD. Just weeks after they began playing together, the four began home-recording the first experimental songs that were testing the waters of music that featured two basses; a task that few bands have attempted, and fewer had done justice after trying. The first recordings were good enough for the group to realize that they were on the verge of creating their own breed and style of music. For the following year, Kill Patrick wrote new material at a feverish rate as they prepared the twelve tracks of their first full-length album, Defeat Reality. The album was soon chosen as editor’s pick for funk/rock genre at independent music distributor, CD Baby. The underground success of this album and crowd-favorite songs like Pushing the Flux, A More Respectable Method of Revenge, and Ted the Human Carcass drove Kill Patrick’s early success in the Baltimore music scene.